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Search content (coming)

This tool/service enables users to search for any Resource Description Framework (RDF) element within the portal. Users can search by either the unique identifier (URI) associated with the RDF element or by its label. It facilitates efficient navigation and retrieval of specific RDF elements, enhancing user experience and productivity within the portal.

Content converter (coming)

The Content Converter tool/service offers the capability to convert any RDF element into various formats such as RDF/XML, Turtle, Ntriples, or JSON. This functionality allows users to transform RDF data into formats suitable for different purposes or compatible with various systems and applications. It promotes interoperability and flexibility in handling RDF data within the portal ecosystem.

URI resolvability checker

This tool/service verifies the resolvability of Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) and their content negotiability. It checks whether a given URI is accessible and whether the content associated with it can be negotiated based on the client's preferences. This functionality ensures the reliability and accessibility of linked resources within the RDF ecosystem, aiding in maintaining data integrity and facilitating seamless integration with external resources.